world adoption day

You may have noticed pictures on your social media of smiling people holding up their hands  with a hand drawn smiley face on it.   Did you know that today is World Adoption Day?  What is World Adoption Day and why does everybody look so happy?  The answer simply is that FAMILY is a reason to celebrate.

World Adoption Day shares the joy of being wanted and accepted and chosen.  World Adoption Day puts a happy face to a great need.   With 153,000,000 (153 Million) Orphans worldwide, it is cause for celebration each time even one is adopted into a family that will love them.  EVERY child deserves to be loved and wanted.

World Adoption Day, Adoption Center of Hope

World Adoption Day is a day that brings much needed awareness to adoption.  This topic is one that I happily share about, any chance I get.  If I can share with you and you share with someone and so on… then maybe somebody  will be moved enough to do something to help in some way. Not everybody is called to adopt, but many want to help in some way.  How can you help?

Pray for clarity for yourself, for the needs of the orphans, for those who are on the frontlines of the crisis.


Donate to trusted ministries who are really caring for these orphans.


Go on a Missions Trip and give the gift of your time and attention to an orphanage.  (I promise you will not regret it.)


Sponsor or give to a family who has been called to move forward with adoption.


Adopt a child.  If God calls you to it, then He will see you through it.


Pray consistently as there is such power in prayer.


Everybody can do something, and together, we can do more.  Today, is World Adoption Day and I happily raise my hand with a smiling face drawn on it so that we can celebrate adoption.  Tomorrow, I will be here if you have any questions about adoption or if you would like to pray through anything adoption related.  I will be around the next day and the day after that ,and all the days between today and the next World Adoption Day.