willow acres

We have named our farm! I’m still getting used to the fact that we have a farm. Well, it’s a property with a small amount of acreage and a house and another smaller house and some stables and a couple of barns. We are growing vegetables and fruit and we have chickens and goats, with plans for more of these things. I guess you can say that we are growing a farm. We have chosen the name Willow Acres Farm.
One of the things I missed from our old house was the large backyard with grassy area and the willow trees that grew on the edge of the property. I just loved watching their long branches move in the wind. One of the sweet things about our current home is that it has many of those same exact trees here. Come to find out, they are actually called California Pepper trees or the California Willow. They are a sweet reminder that God really can restore all things – even Willow trees.

Joy comes in the morning. We have a home

The whole Willow theme is really what brought it home for me. Willow Acres Farm – I think it sounds like a nice place to visit. The vision I have in my head is pretty prettiness with amazing landscape, small grape vineyard, flowers in the masses and gardens that will sustain us as a family with enough left over to sell to others. Right now, we are in the beginning stages and it is obvious that we have much work ahead of us but I am excited.

They say by giving a name to something, you give it value. I don’t know of a more valuable name you can give any house – other than calling it home. For us, this is home – this rundown piece of property that needs so much tender loving care and attention. Every day, when we pass through the electric gate that we have to get out to open because it is broken, I am grateful. I can see the vision of the potential that this property has. I’m grateful for the excitement of planning towards that vision, and I am grateful for our home. Welcome to Willow Acres Farm. Hopefully by the time you come to visit, the gate will be fixed.